산업연구원 4차산업혁명연구부 부장



1983.3~현재 산업연구원, 선임연구위원(2000.1월부터), 디지털경제실장(2000.8월부터)
1999.4~현재 국무조정실 정책평가위원회 전문위원
1998.7~현재 외교통상부 통상교섭 자문위원
1998.5~1999.2 대통령비서실 경제구조조정기획단 파견 (산업, 외국인투자)
1997.10~1998.2 공정거래위원회 경제규제개혁위원회 위원
1998.7~1999.6 서울특별시 산업진흥대책위원

1983.3-Present Senior Research Fellow (since 2000.1), Director of Digital Economy (since 2000.8),
Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade
1999.4-Present Specialist, Committee for Policy Evaluation, Office for Government Policy Coordination
1998.7-Present Advisor, Commercial Negotiation Committee of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
1998.5-1999.2 The Task Force on Economic Restructuring, Office of the President
1997.10-1998.2 Member of the Economic Regulation and Reform Committee, Korea Fair Trade Commission
1998.7-1999.6 Member, Industrial Promotion Committee for the City of Seoul